The Magic of Chai.

It’s hard to find chai that really evokes that feeling of strong, spicy Indian masala chai on the side-streets of Delhi - that’s where I come in. My mission is to share a blend that expresses the incredible magic of chai; the warm spiciness, the subtle sweetness, the intricate flavours, the deep body, and the balanced creaminess. It’s bold, authentic, and lovingly handmade, and I’m very excited to be sharing the magic of chai with the world!

What makes Deepka unique? Quality, hand-picked spices, the crushing technique and the organic and ethically sourced tea. My blend brings you magical chai through an accessible, ethical and modern platform.

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  • The Goldilocks of chai! I tried others but they were either too sweet or too spicy for me. I love it with maple syrup!

    S. KP., Berlin

  • हां होन आया चा दा सवाद!
    Yes, now I feel the joy of chai!

    D.R., Raymond Terrace

  • Richly satisfying. A perfect start to every day. One of my family was an instant convert and even asked for Deepka Chai instead of chocolate for Easter saying 'It's absolutely delicious' as a recommendation for others in the family to try it.

    D.G., Tamworth

  • The most delicious, authentic tasting chai I've ever had! Unlike most other chai, it's packed with flavour instead of just sugar. I love my chai, but Deepka Chai makes me excited to get up every morning to make a cup (or two!)

    K.A., Newcastle

  • You've got real mail when you receive a letter in the post which is not junk mail! Brings a massive smile to one's face, and to top it off, it’s chai mix! A shout out to @deepka.chai all the way from Australia; I could smell the lovely aroma just from the letter, and now tasting it on this winter’s day, it's divine!

    R.K., Milnerton, South Africa

  • After an exhausting day at work, I entered home to this inviting smell of clove, cardamom and cinnamon. I knew Deepka Chai had arrived! It is bold in flavour, sugar free and rich in texture because the ingredients have been carefully put together to give you an experience you wouldn’t want to miss! Deepka is one of those individuals who is spreading and sharing the beauty of Indian culture in a cozy, warm cup of chai.

    S.K., Jersey City, USA

  • Deepka Chai was amazing! So flavourful, strong yet subtle and my gosh the aroma...I kept some chai mix just to keep smelling it - it's that aromatic! If you are a chai enthusiast like me, please try this tea! You won't be disappointed. More power to you Deepka, you made my Monday happy with chai sent graciously all the way from another corner of the world in Australia!

    S.S., Toronto, Canada

  • Deepka Chai is really delicious, with a beautiful smell, and a great blend of spices. It's by far my favourite (and I'm a little addicted to chai!!!). Need to get more soon! Haha. Customer service is great too, very friendly. I recommend to everyone!!! Xx.

    S.H., England, United Kingdom

  • The flavour was just perfect, I could smell the chai through the envelope and then I got very excited to try it. The flavour is powerful and bold! I can't wait for my next cup.

    C.R., England, United Kingdom

  • When preparing the chai, the whole kitchen got a wonderful spicy aroma. It is truly a lovely taste, very spicy but soft and warming, and I sat for a long time trying to figure out what the spices were. I would say that in this cold springtime we now endure in Sweden, this is the best drink ever to warm up the body and soul, and the strong aftertaste gives energy! It is a magnificent chai!

    E.L., Stenstorp, Sweden

  • “What else is there to say, other than this is truly the perfect cup of chai. There’s something about it that just warms the soul and it’s become a daily ritual that I look very forward to. The one problem is this - I no longer want to drink any other chai and sitting down for a chai in a café always leaves me bitterly disappointed by comparison!”

    M. R., Newport, Australia

Organic, ethical tea sourced from Assam in India

Organic, Ethically Sourced Assam.

I care about organic, ethical tea farming. I’m very excited to be blending Deepka Chai with 100% organic, ethically sourced, quality black tea from the Assam regions of India. Not only is this tea the perfect foundation for a spicy, bodied chai, but it also helps you and me make a change in the world.

By buying my product, you will be investing in a better and safer future for tea workers in India. You will also be investing in the organic market, and helping make it become globally recognised and understood. So essentially, not only are you getting a delicious cup of chai, but you’re also helping global growth! Pretty good, hey?

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Premium quality chai in Australia

Premium Quality.

Blending black tea leaves with well crushed aromatic spices is what makes Deepka Chai a unique tea. Crushing the blend allows for the perfect distribution of flavour; each teaspoon includes all the elements, making sure that you get the full flavour spectrum in every cup of chai.

I use the best quality ingredients to prepare this colourfully flavoured chai. The organic, fair trade black tea is imported from the Assam regions of India; Assam tea is one of the richest and best suited for spicy masala chai. The spices I use are imported from quality farms in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Syria and China. This perfected combination of tea and spices brings you the specialty blend that is Deepka Chai.

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