Media on point

Wednesday, 24th January 2018

By Deepka Ratra

It was a rainy Tuesday afternoon when I was sipping some chai and browsing the 'net. It had only been a couple of months since I had decided to start a company, and I was thinking, "Hey, I kind of need a website." I didn't just need any website, I needed a fantastic one. A friend had referred me to Lance Montana, so I checked out their website, grabbed my phone and gave them a call.

I was met with such a friendly conversation. These guys were so knowledgable, easy going, and they were really excited to start on my project. They came back with an initial website design a couple of weeks later, and it already looked so beautiful. It inspired me to keep working towards building my company in a beautiful, thoughtful and efficient way.

Thus started the epic journey of hundreds of phone calls, emails back and forth and excellent service (even despite my slightly annoying perfectionist tendencies). The amount of times I called them at 10pm asking for a change, geez, I owe them quite a few dinners! Every detail was taken care of and every request fulfilled. Deepka needed a website that would remind you of the magical feeling of sipping traditional, Indian chai in the comfort of your home, and that's exactly what it does today.

I spent two days photographing images for the website (oh by the way, Lance Montana does photography as well) just as Lance Montana's graphic designer started working on my logo. I gave her a drawing of a patterned elephant, some colour ideas and a brand story, and she came back to me with the most beautiful exquisite designs. Together, we tweaked a couple things until the brand and logo were perfect! All you need to do is click on the home page to see how fantastic that elephant looks. Thank you, Lance Montana for giving me such a magical brand!

I spent the next few weeks coming up with the copy for the website. The incredibly helpful and generous Laurence Wood made sure that all my content was informative, relatable, clean and concise. Not only did he help me out with the copywriting, but he also worked on brand ideation and marketing. I had sent him a number of different slogans and brand ideas, (some of which were downright terrible), and luckily for me, he was sure to send me in the right direction.

Speaking of websites, have you ever heard of SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimisation. I had no idea what this thing was until Laurence explained it to me and sent through a few great links. SEO covers the efficiency of the way your website is reached through a search engine, Google, for example. Incredibly important. Laurence put me on the right track with some incredible articles, some of which can be found here. If the thought of SEO drives you crazy, make sure to hit them up, they seriously know what they're doing.

As if this isn't enough, Lance Montana also offers video production, social media marketing, email marketing, advertising, digital strategy, digital security and google adwords services. So, considering they've hosted, designed and developed my website, as well as worked on branding, marketing, copywriting, photography and SEO, they've really got it all covered.

Laurence and Pav are the partners that run this fantastic company. They’ve helped so many small businesses find their feet in the world of media (trust me, I know it can be scary). They help out tiny start-ups like mine, all the way to leading Australian brands like Style Magazines. You can find a case study on all of their projects on their website. You'll see that they're always working above and beyond.

If you’re looking for people who understand your vision for your company, what it’s like to start small, and are reasonably priced and extremely high quality, check out their website. They'll help you execute your goals in a clean, efficient and beautiful way. You can also check them out on their Facebook page and Instagram page ; go ahead and give them some love! I owe so much to you, Lance Montana, thank you.