authentic indian chai in australia

My Story

As an Australian born Punjabi Indian growing up in a family of chefs, I've naturally been surrounded by some exquisite cooking. My parents have taught me so many tricks of the trade, and I've finally put it into action with Deepka. Growing up, my mother taught me how to make chai as it was always one of the staples in our house. Today, it's surprising to see that there isn't much chai in Australia that even mildly echoes the real stuff. After a lot of hard work and determination, I'm very proud and excited to be bringing you a modern product with an authentic Indian taste; a company that encompasses the two cultures of my world.

The warm, cosy and magical feeling that Deepka brings is to help share the knowledge of chai with the world; I want you to sit down with a cup of chai and chit-chat with a friend, ponder, muse, enjoy and contemplate beautiful ideas and profound thoughts. In the end, is that not what life is about?

Having had so much chai in my lifetime, I know exactly what it is that makes it delicious. In June 2016, I realised I wanted to share this magic; I wanted something that wasn't watery, overly sweet, or flavourless. I was looking for that magical feeling you experience when you sip a strong, masala chai on the side of a street in India. Deepka Chai gives you the full, rounded experience; the warm spiciness, the sweetness, the intricate flavours, the body, the creaminess, and the authenticity of being able to make it in your own home. It took me about six months to perfect the balance of the flavours, and I am so proud to introduce it as Deepka Chai today.

Deepka Chai is incredibly unique due to the refined ratio of the bold spices and rich Assam paired with the blending technique. Crushing the spices allows for a great distribution of flavour - you aren’t just getting a stick of cinnamon here or a seed of cardamom there, you’re getting the full flavour spectrum in every cup of chai. This method makes Deepka Chai incredibly delicious and consistent; I'm bringing you authentic chai through an accessible, modern platform.

Along with having an honest product, I wanted to make sure that my tea was healthy and ethically sourced. There's absolutely no sugar added; I believe the choice should always be yours when adding or abstaining from sweeteners. I have also tried and tested many spices, and am happy to say that I source some of the finest quality produce from around the world. These spices are blended with gorgeous, 100% organic and ethically sourced Assam tea. Every time you sip Deepka Chai, you’re helping me change the world!

I have put so much love and thought into Deepka; it brings me joy everyday. For a small, local business, support from customers is incredibly important. I welcome any feedback, and look forward to someday having a chai with you.

Thank you so much for choosing Deepka. I hope you will truly experience the magic of chai.

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